I'm Nervous About My Upcoming Root Canal

I'm Nervous About My Upcoming Root Canal

Millions of bacteria live in your mouth. Many are beneficial, while others can cause illness. These bacteria can be found on your tongue, palate, tonsils, and inside your cheeks. 

Improper dental care can lead to the bad bacteria wreaking havoc on your teeth. That can lead to tooth decay, making it necessary for you to get dental treatments like fillings, extractionscrowns, and root canals.

Many people are anxious and even fearful about going to the dentist, and that anxiety can cause them to ignore dental issues, which only makes them worse. 

Here, we will relieve you of your fears by explaining exactly what a root canal is and why they are nothing to fear. 

Residents of the Mamaroneck, New York, and Stamford, Connecticut, areas looking for relief from dental pain can find help with Dr. Gennadiy Kravets and the capable Dental team at All Bright Dental.

Understanding root canals

Your teeth are composed of four materials: dentin, enamel, cementum, and pulp. The nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue in your teeth are found in the pulp. It is surrounded by dentin, which is covered by enamel. 

Bacterial infections that invade the pulp of your tooth (commonly through dental cavities) cause damage that leads to a variety of problems, like cracks, pain, swollen gums, discoloration, loose teeth, and sensitivity to heat and cold. Root canals are performed to alleviate the pain in damaged teeth.

Why people are nervous about dental treatments

Up to 20% of Americans actively avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety, and some people even struggle with dental phobia, which can lead to panic and terror while in the dental chair. These issues can be due to fear of pain, injections, side effects, or feelings of helplessness or embarrassment. Being self-conscious about your teeth is normal, but extreme anxiety is not.

Why you don’t need to be nervous about a root canal

Root canals alleviate pain and do not cause it. The procedure removes the source of the pain (the inflamed and infected pulp) to help you feel better. It also prevents further infection, reduces damage to your jaw, and often keeps you from having the tooth removed. With a 98% effectiveness rate, root canals are common dental procedures and they work. You don’t have to worry about pain because our team offers anesthetics, so you won’t feel a thing during the procedure.

Don’t let your toothache become something worse because you were too anxious to schedule an appointment. Root canals can help you feel better and keep infections from getting worse. So, if you have tooth pain make an appointment with Dr. Kravets today so we can quickly treat the situation. Our team provides a calming experience via compassionate care.

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