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When Is a Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

 When Is a Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

 Eating is essential to living, and the teeth are the first step to moving food through the digestive tract. The chewing, crushing, and cutting done by our 32 teeth make the passage through the esophagus, stomach, and intestines possible, breaking down the food and allowing the rest of the system to process the necessary nutrients. 

The molars, premolars, canines, and incisors are made from the densest material in the body, But that doesn’t mean your teeth can’t experience damage or issues.  

Many dental conditions can lead to tooth infections, cracks, or other damage. Sometimes, removing a tooth by way of extraction may be necessary. 

This month’s blog post helps you understand when extractions are necessary. It also explains the process and benefits. 

If you live in Mamaroneck, New York, or Stamford, Connecticut, and need an extraction or other oral health care, Dr. Gennadiy Kravets and our dedicated staff at All Bright Dental can help.

Reasons for tooth extractions

Commonly referred to as pulling a tooth, extraction includes completely removing a tooth. Here are some reasons you might need an extraction:  

Many of these issues can be managed with other treatments, such as fillings or crowns. But if the damage is too severe, extraction is often the best choice. 

The process of extracting teeth

To remove a tooth, we start by numbing the area with local anesthesia. In the case of a simple extraction where the tooth is visible above the gumline, we use forceps to remove the tooth gently.  A surgical extraction is performed when the tooth is removed from below the gumline. We create an incision in the gum before pulling it out.

Gauze is used to reduce bleeding and should be kept in long enough for clotting to take place. Keeping the treated area sterile to prevent infection is essential, so we’ll give you a list of aftercare instructions.

The advantages of having a tooth removed

Damaged teeth need treatment, but extractions are not always the answer. If we determine a tooth can’t be saved by other treatments or if it is infected, then we may suggest an extraction.  That is also true if a mouth injury knocks a tooth loose.  An extraction prevents further issues, and the tooth can be replaced with a prosthetic, like a crown, bridge, or dental implant.  

We offer many treatments to save your teeth. However, if an extraction is necessary, make an appointment with Dr. Kravets and All Bright Dental today to get the help you need.


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